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    • Touch Screens
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Prius Repair Specialists

We offer specialty services related to your hybrid vehicle including:

If you have found yourself with a hybrid battery warning or failure indicator we can fix it.

Entire battery replacements available if necessary. All options come with warranties and include a complete hybrid system inspection.

Speedometer screen working intermittingly? Has it gone completely black? We can fix it!

Lost sensitivity to touch screen? Navigation screen fading? Has your screen completely gone black? We can fix it!

A valuable, necessary service for your 2004-2009 Toyota Prius

Did you know you could test the quality of your current hybrid battery? You could avoid a costly battery replacement with a simple scan of your batteries performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that all Hybrid batteries will need to be replaced?


This is a bit of a myth that has been perpetuated for the last 20 years. The technology back then, over 20 years ago, was new and emerging. Batteries did fail more frequently then newer generations but still in very small percentages. The truth is the vast majority of even the earliest model of Prius hybrids commonly went well over 200,000 miles without a hybrid battery replacement. Currently it is not uncommon for Prius owners to experience over 300,000 miles of service with a well-maintained vehicle.

Are there premature failures? Absolutely. No system is perfect but hybrids are some of the most reliable vehicles available to date, which is why there are millions of them on the road today and growing in popularity. In addition hybrid battery technology has radically changed with lots of options for maintaining, repairing and even replacing a hybrid battery.

I have a warning light for my hybrid battery and have been told the only solution is hybrid battery replacement?

Many times it isn’t necessary to replace your hybrid battery or even repair the one in your car. In many cases we are able to recondition your existing battery and get you back on the road.

Is it true that Hybrid Battery Replacement costs $3000-$4000?

This simple is not true. Complete hybrid battery replacement is rarely necessary. In the vast majority of cases where a hybrid battery is showing signs of failing it is a single battery module that needs replacing or simply the hybrid battery pack needs to be reconditioned.

Why does a hybrid battery need reconditioning?

As your vehicle ages the hybrid battery slowly degrades and individual NiMH battery cells become unbalanced. The overall capacity and voltage of the battery begins to decrease. This is completely normal as the age and use of the vehicle increases. While it is normal for your hybrid vehicle to operate with a degraded battery by reconditioning and releveling the individual cells your battery packs capacity and overall voltage is increased. By reconditioning your battery with proper maintenance the battery pack is more likely to last longer and for the user to see an increase in lost fuel economy and overall performance.

What is battery reconditioning?

Utilizing a combination of software specific balancing, discharging and recharging over several cycles the condition of the battery cells capacity and voltage are restored. This increases the power the battery pack uses to drive the electric motor increasing both your vehicles performance and fuel economy. In addition, by reconditioning your battery pack you are increasing its useful life and avoiding a potential bigger failure down the road. This a great option for an older battery pack that is starting to show signs of poor performance.

Is my Toyota Prius battery a lithium ion battery, similar to those used in all electric vehicles?

This is false. Modern Prius Hybrid batteries are NiMH, nickel metal hydride, battery cells.

Is it true that my hybrid battery has dangerous high voltage that can kill me if I handle it?

Yes it can. While the vehicles manufacturer has designed safe ways for a hybrid battery to be serviced the truth is there is plenty of voltage in a hybrid battery to be fatal if handled improperly. Please do not watch a youtube video or do it yourself video and try to repair your Prius hybrid battery or other hybrid battery without a complete understanding of the proper handling techniques.

When handled properly the battery is completely safe and has multiple safety designs to protect the technicians that work on the hybrid systems. It is important that you or any technician understands basic electrical systems and hybrid batteries to avoid a mistake that could be dangerous when it comes to actually breaking down and servicing a hybrid battery pack.

Is it true that the Toyota Prius and other hybrid vehicles are more expensive to maintain than non-hybrid vehicles?

This is false. Hybrids are actually far less expensive to own and maintain than regular gasoline engine vehicles. To learn why watch our video on how hybrid vehicles work. Read these Q&A to learn more.

Are Toyota Prius considered to be small cars?


Prius’ have more headroom, foot room, and storage than Camry’s, Accord’s, Maxima’s and almost every 4 door sedan on the market. Toyota built the Prius to be a practical vehicle on every level including storage. With the rear seats folded down, there is over 6 feet of room between the rear hatch and the back of the front seats.

Four over 6-foot adults can easily and comfortably fit in a Prius. In addition, Toyota designed under deck storage throughout the rear of the vehicle. Prius vehicles have more than double the storage than most vehicles that are similarly sized.

Are Toyota Prius’ under-powered and slow?


What gives a vehicle its power off the line and pick up from low to higher speeds is torque. Electric motors provide far more usable torque than gas engines. This is why all-electric cars are becoming some of the quickest vehicles in the world.

In a hybrid system the electric motor is used to move the car forward, under load while from take off, climbing hills and increasing speed. Hybrid technology puts the brunt of the demanding work normally done by the engine onto the electric system thus relieving the gas engine of this stress for the life of the car. This contributes greatly to the incredible reliability of hybrid vehicles.

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