Prius LCD & Speedometer Screen Repair

Hybrid Repair / Prius LCD & Speedometer Screen Repair

LCD Speedometer failing?

Occasionally the instrument cluster that houses your speedometer, gear selector, and fuel gauge will lose illumination. Many times it will go out and come back on intermittently while turning your vehicle on. This is a sure sign that your LCD cluster is about to fail. Again this is a fairly simply repair and does not repair complete instrument cluster. This repair is $399 and also includes a lifetime warranty.

If you have found yourself with a hybrid battery warning or failure indicator we can fix it.

Entire battery replacements available if necessary. All options come with warranties and include a complete hybrid system inspection.

Speedometer screen working intermittingly? Has it gone completely black? We can fix it!

Lost sensitivity to touch screen? Navigation screen fading? Has your screen completely gone black? We can fix it!

A valuable, necessary service for your 2004-2009 Toyota Prius

Did you know you could test the quality of your current hybrid battery? You could avoid a costly battery replacement with a simple scan of your batteries performance.