Car Detailing

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Auto detailing is a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of your motor vehicle. Detailing can be performed on a vehicle’s exterior and/or interior.

Exterior Detail Includes:

  • Exterior wash.
  • Engine bay degreasing.
  • Degrease wheels/tires and exterior rubber, and glass.
  • Vacuum Interior and clean plastics.

Exterior Detail Pricing:

  • Auto’s $99
  • SUVs and VANS $169

For everything to operate correctly in your car, the battery and its cables should be in optimal condition. A battery can easily cause corrosion, and cables can become loose or frayed, or wander into other unsafe areas of the hood.

Exterior/Interior Detail Includes:

  • Exterior wash, paint debris removal, buff, and wax.
  • Engine bay degreasing.
  • Degrease, wheels/ tires and exterior rubber, glass, and plastics.
  • Interior stain/spot removal and steam cleaning (dependent on condition.)
  • Vacuum Interior and clean plastics, shine and protect.

Exterior/Interior Detail Pricing:

  • Auto’s $169
  • SUVs and VANS $229

Optional Services

Headlight Restoration

Over time the clear plastic lens covers for your vehicle’s headlights may become cloudy. This results in reduced visibility while driving at night.

Headlight Restoration Pricing:

  • With detail $30
  • Without detail $60

Upgrade to hybrid ceramic wax with beadmaker $150