Differential Fluid Service​

Services / Differential Fluid Service​

How it's done:

  • Fluid levels are checked.
  • Used fluid is drained and refilled to proper levels.
  • Your vehicle is test driven and checked for leaks.

When you turn your vehicle, the wheels on the left side of the car need to be able to move at a different rate than the wheels on the right side. The differential is the gearbox that makes this happen, and its moving parts need lubrication to function. It’s located between the drive wheels of your vehicle. The high temperatures it is exposed to along with natural aging of the ingredients can cause it to gum up. This gummy consistency does not adequately lubricate the gears.

TRIBE recommendation:

  • Follow manufacturer-provided service maintenance schedule.
  • We check this during regular maintenance services.

What is a common symptom indicating you need a differential fluid service?

Car is louder than normal while rolling or driving.