Oil Change Services

Services / Oil Change Services

How it's done:

  • Remove and replace engine oil and filter.
  • Check the condition of all fluids.
  • Start the vehicle and check for leaks in the system.
  • Free Tire Rotation.
  • Ensure tires are properly inflated.
  • Safety Inspection.

Engine oil adds the necessary lubrication for your engine’s parts to run smoothly. The oil protects and eases friction helping to prevent pieces from wearing out — all of the moving parts inside of the engine need to coated in oil. An oil filter is used to protect these moving parts from naturally occurring debris and build up. If a filter becomes too dirty, it will not allow clean oil to pass endangering the health of the engine. This is why oil change services are crucial to your cars continued good health.

TRIBE recommendation:

  • Follow your manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • We offer regular and synthetic oil, we recommend synthetic for its superior lubrication properties and longevity, meaning fewer oil changes are needed.