Radiator/Cooling Service

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How it's done:

  • Install flush chemical to the radiator.
  • Run vehicle to obtain operational temperature.
  • Remove used coolant.
  • Close valve and refill with water, remove and repeat.
  • Fill radiator with a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water.
  • Check system for leaks and fan operation.

Your car’s internal cooling system is what prevents it from overheating. It functions by moving a blend of coolant and water throughout the engine. Scale and rust will naturally occur over time, contaminating the coolant mixture. As a build-up of this would damage the engine, a cooling system flush clears out the entire system of contaminants and replaces it with a fresh coolant and water mixture.

TRIBE recommendation:

  • Follow manufacturer-provided service maintenance schedule.
  • Change coolant every 40,000-50,000 miles.

What are the common symptoms indicating you need to flush the cooling system?

  • Low Coolant warning light (not all vehicles are equipped with this.)
  • Check Engine warning light
  • Engine is overheating