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Window tinting utilizes the application of a particular type of polyester-based film onto window glass. This film filters specific light rays allowing them through while absorbing or reflecting other light rays. Tint levels are differentiated by the percentage of visible light allowed through which is adjustable due to amount of metal and dyes within the film and how they are used.

Window tinting can be beneficial in several ways. It will reduce UV Ray exposure to the humans and upholstery inside your vehicle. The window film can reject visible light making it difficult to see inside. Regular glass windows filter out around 30% of solar heat; a professionally installed window tint can filter more than 80% of the solar heat out. And finally, from a safety standpoint, tinted windows protect the glass from shattering in case of an accident. The laminate will hold the glass together.

All window tintings come with a lifetime warranty against installation defects.